Anti-Mermaid Rally

Anti-Mermaid Rally

Although Thieves Theatre eventually came to embrace and love mermaids, in its early years the company considered these sea creatures as mortal enemies. Coney Island, with its Third Annual Mermaid Parade in 1986, was beginning to establish itself as a sanctuary city for these illegal aliens breaching our beaches. We knew something had to be done. 

By the ‘90’s, we had mostly reconciled our differences and found common ground with the immigrant mermaid community. We provided Squirmaid, the Killer Mermaid, with employment and residence with our theater. We were overjoyed when in 1996 she won best float in the Mermaid Parade and got her green card. We recently discovered and edited some film footage of the 2002 Mermaid Parade where Nick, the avant garde filmmaker, attempts to find the perfect Medea for his Jason. 

1986  Photos
First Annual Anti-Mermaid Rally

Interview with Nick by Gabriele for the Coney Island Oral History Project!

Second (non)Annual Anti-Mermaid Rally
1989 Press Release (Note that our publicist is Italian.)

1996 Squirmaid, the Killer Mermaid (Winner, Best Float)
13th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade

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